Thank You for Helping Malala; Now Stop Murdering Pakistani Civilians…

Edit: Here is an interesting report on U.S. drone strikes conducted by two reputable law schools.

I hate to be “ungrateful”, so I will start off with thanks.

Thank you Western Nations for saving and providing aid to the innocent girl Malala. It is unfortunate that she was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen, and I was very saddened by the fact that the Taliban consider little girls to be a threat to their beliefs.

I was surprised to see so much enthusiasm on the part of the Western Nations and media outlets in raising awareness for Malala. Suffice, it to say, I actually found out about the important event through BBC, something that does not happen very often anymore. In fact, it made me wonder why the media does not care to mention the children that are bombed in Ghaza so often; if not bombed they are starved through means of an illegal blockade. But enough with that! I’m always ranting about those places. Why don’t we stay closer to where the unfortunate shooting took place, and discuss Pakistan.

Pakistan, a once beautiful nation; now corrupt. Pakistan, a nation I myself have visited. A nation of sorrows, a nation misled by politicians who make a mockery of their people. Pakistan; a nation suffering from the lethal terrorism of the Taliban. Murders who came from Afghanistan, these murderers are in Syria and they cause trouble wherever they go. However, these murders are some more.

These murderers; the Taliban are the living embodiment of  each and every American failure since 2001.

This group represents America’s biggest failure; the war on terror. Since, 2001, this war has raged on. We have seen Osama Bin Laden, the spearhead of the Taliban “killed”, yet still the battle has continued. We have seen America sink in debt, yet we learn that money will not buy power here. Money will not solve America’s problems, not this time.

America is a hero who cannot run away. A nation that cannot swallow its pride. A government that cannot admit its own failure. Many recognize this, they too see that the “War on Terror” has led to nothing. Many are beginning to see that America will point its fingers at anyone to justify a war.

Anyone America does not like is said to be associated with 9/11. Every few days, I wake up to find out that “so and so” has been accused of being part of organizing 9/11. It has turned into one of those old witch hunting stories where someone who doesn’t like you calls you a witch and everyone burns you at the stake. Being a terrorist is like a death sentence. But, who is there to tell us if the “terrorist” was really a terrorist? Jean Charles de Menezes comes to mind. At one time he was a terrorist wearing a jacket loaded with explosives, the next he was an innocent man. It was too late for him though. When everyone found out that he was just a regular innocent guy, London Police had already shot his body full of bullets.

So, I have a problem with 9/11. My problem with 9/11 is the fact that it is tossed around like a joke. Every once in a while you hear a politician justify something by saying that if “so and so” is not done another 9/11 could occur.

Every few days, 9/11 is used to kill another innocent civilian.

Believe it because it happens. Drone strikes occur very often in Pakistan, and they don’t kill the Taliban, they kill civilians. They kill women, children and fathers. This stereotype in Western society that brown people are terrorists probably exists because those drones don’t care if a person is part of the Taliban. As long as the victims are brown, they are suspect to terrorism and can therefore be shot down. There are those who would disagree with me….

Well let me ask them this. In the past, America has justified nuking thousands with the excuse of Pearl Harbour. A little closer, the Americans killed 400,000 people and caused at least 500,000 children to be born with birth defects because of Agent Orange(used in Vietnam). Even more recent, is an article by Haroon Siddiqui for the Toronto Star. An article revealing that in the spring of 2004, four American mercenaries were mutilated by insurgents. Instead of targeting the 2,000 insurgents in the city of Falluja who were likely responsible for the act, the Americans levelled the whole city of 300,000 people. A deed that left Iraq with deformed babies.

Consider this, not only did America make innocent people suffer for nothing. They made future generations suffer for something that they had nothing to do with! What crime has a baby committed to be born with a deformity because of American bombs?

And so I arrive at my point. Just like the past, America has turned 9/11 into an excuse so that they can abuse it to carry out heinous crimes. Burying the hatchet has become impossible. 9/11 has become the driving force for everything. Women and children have died for 9/11 and are still dying for 9/11. Yet, these same great nations that care so much for Malala stand by and do nothing as even more children are killed by American drone strikes in Pakistan. Naturally, it makes me wonder. I wonder why this girl has become a symbol for so many as opposed to the many other children killed by the Taliban and the U.S. I wonder why she has become such a media sensation. I don’t know, however I do hope that some sort of good comes of it.


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