Ahmadinejad on CNN: Wisest Man on Earth

Currently, I am watching the interview with Ahmadinejad  on CNN.

It is simply amazing. President Ahmadinejad is so wise, you can hear it from his words and you can see it from his face. This man is truly amazing.

It is so funny, the interviewer tries to sort of maneuver the President into pitfalls, and the President maneuvers out of them very gracefully.

For example, at the beginning Piers Morgan, the interviewer asks the President if he thinks that his speech at the U.N. General Assembly will be the most important moment of his life. The President kindly explains that it is not the most important moment of his life. So, Piers Morgan is like, “Oh so the speech is not important to you” and a little subtitle flashes on CNN saying ‘Not the Most Important Speech of My Life’. AT this the president smirks and he’s tells Piers Morgan that every moment of a persons life is important, if you don’t give importance to every moment you are wasting this….

Piers Morgan then changes the topic….

One interesting thing that I have noticed so far is that throughout the interview the President keeps a policy of “no meddling”. For example. he is asked whether he supports the popular uprisings in the Middle East. The President replies that he cannot meddle in other countries affairs but he supports people right to protest.

Another, very interesting point is when the President is asked why the Shah’s daughter was arrested for protesting. At this the president says that the judicial part of the government deals with those issues and that it is not his duty to deal with such issues. He also says that if she crosses a red line, she will be arrested. This is true for any nation, you can’t just start a riot in the name of freedom to protest! Anyway, so Piers Morgan is all like “Well she’s the daughter of the previous ruler (The Shah), that’s significant” and he kind of suggests that the President would be happy that she is in prison. At this the President says that he would not be happy if anyone went to jail. However, regardless of how high she ranks in society or how well known she is, all people must be treated equally!

At this, once again, Piers Morgan takes a brief “break”.

So, so far it has been awesome. I am around 15 minutes in. Check it out here, President Ahmadinejad is truly a wise person.

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