Media Piggybacking Off of “Jihadist Franchises”

I can’t help saying this over and over again. Jihadism has turned into a business. To be honest, terrorism has actually turned into a business. The West pumps weapons into an unstable country, and the next thing you know, terrorists are sawrming everywhere (*cough…Syria anyone?)

Anyway, that is aside from the point. Let’s begin by discussing an event that occurred just a week ago…

I find it funny that just about a week ago we had the media going on and on about blasphemy laws in Pakistan. We all know how a religious cleric tried to frame a mentally handicapped girl for committing blasphemy against Islam. Thankfully, that girl has been freed from the accusation and the cleric is being dealt with.

(To be honest, as far as I know, blasphemy laws in Pakistan are used mainly for the purpose of getting others in legal trouble)

Just weeks after, we have a large scale blasphemy.

The Middle East is erupting with protests. A lot of terrible things have been done. But the most horrible thing that has been done is that….

The Muslim people have played right into the hands of the Media!

(If you’re here for a conspiracy theory, please leave ; )

Yes, I said it. The Muslims have been used, at least it looks like they have been used. First of all, I was correct in being skeptical about the character known as Sam Bacile. He turned out to be fake. Another man was guilty and he is being investigated.

Now, we saw protests erupt in Libya, Egypt, Sudan and many other places around the world, concerning the movie “Innocence of Muslims”.

In Libya, the U.S. embassy was attacked, and diplomats were killed.

The media transformed this into an alternate story! The media said that this attack took place to “commemorate” 9/11. Other sources claimed it took place just because of the movie…

Still other sources claimed that the terrorists were Al-Qaeda members and that this was all preplanned. (Why is everyone supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria….?)

The White-house actually issued a statement saying that their is no evidence that the attack occurred to mark the anniversary of 9/11. But, other White-house officials claimed otherwise.

Everyone just used the Libya attack to pump out their own theories…

Everyone also seemed to forget that these were glorious Libyan rebels! I mean, these were the guys who the U.S. apparently trained and armed.

The West and other Great Nations pumped arms into Libya to help these rebels!

Well, you know what? I have been saying this for a really long time…. I will say it again *sigh

When you pump arms into a country, there is no way a stable country will be the outcome!

Its wrong! Wrong, wrong wrong! Military intervention, supplying arms, training “rebels”, its all wrong! Interfering in a countries internal matters like this is wrong because it destabilizes the country! You don’t think that people with the wrong ideals are going to take advantage of a mass inflow of weapons???

I am especially tired of people who support military intervention.

I mean seriously, people seem to think that NATO is like God interfering on mankind’s behalf or something! REDLIGHT.

The funny thing is that most people who seem to support military intervention, don’t like to discuss Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Oh, that was just a mistake” they say. They make it seem as if the civilian death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan was no big deal… I invite someone to come and tell me about the wondrous democracy that the West has been trying to spread in these countries. People don’t seem to understand that democracy just does not work everywhere!!!! One size does not fit all! Democracy is beautiful, but so is communism for gods sakes! I mean, that’s what everyone says, “Communism is a great idea, the implementation is just not correct”. You just can’t force democracy on every society in the world!

I am going off topic here, so I will conclude with these words on the subject, sometimes democracy is portrayed as the only good. It’s as if democracy is a fight against all evil! There have been and are still other successful forms of government…

Anyway, back to the topic. The attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya was used to make every other protest look bad. Suddenly, the peaceful protest in Egypt turned into a siege on the U.S. embassy. A general image was created of the protesters as a violent group. A group that wanted to tear down every U.S. embassy!

All of a sudden, the media turned into “Those barbaric Muslims are at it again” and “Islam just teaches violence…look at those Muslims”. My goodness!

You know, today I was working at a hospital. I volunteer their and help people out. So, while I was sitting, a man came up to me and handed me a flier about God. He was a Christian man, inviting people to remember that God is our Father. I read that flier and it just reminded me that all these religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, they all teach us how to be a human. God tells us to be honest, not to steal, to help others. He tells us this in each of these religions. Each of these religions teaches us how to become a human being! Religion can be abused, so can anything else!

Just for the sake of it, not believing in God can be abused as well. “I don’t believe in God so it doesn’t matter if I do anything wrong” I’ve heard that before…

Anyway, the situation in Libya was abused. It was used to make Muslims look like barbarians. The Muslims played right into it. Their were indeed some violent on goings. However, the media made it look much worse. Then, as was mentioned in a comment before, Romney piggybacked off of the situation too!

Romney was pretty quick in criticizing Obama over supporting the rebels…

Everyone just used the situation to their own advantage…everyone left the Muslims in the dust – . –

And what can I say? It’s sad. It was played really smart. The actual issue was turned into something minuscule. Everyone started saying that the Muslims were making a big deal out of a small thing. Everyone suddenly believed that such a third class film could never hurt the religion of Islam.

Sadly, it was true. That movie would not have done any harm to Islam. However, the movie was offensive. Muslims had every right to protest! I have got to say that if it were blasphemy against Christ the Muslims would still be their! They defend Islam and Islam means that Jesus as well as Moses were holy prophets too!

To me it looks like the Muslim people were manipulated in order to meet a lot of different group’s goals.

Tell me what you think, email or comment : D

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