Innocence of Muslims: Hateful Movie to be Played in Canada?

I just got an email, regarding some really frightening news.

Now, I don’t have much information about this but according to one new source….

The hateful movie “Innocence of Muslims” will be screened in Canada to make the Muslims “tolerant”.

It is being screened to exercise the right of free speech and this activity is being conducted by a Hindu group….

No idea if this is true or has a chance to happen.

Will Canada have it’s own embassies attacked?  German and U.K. embassies have been attacked….

Update: The Edmonton Post has also confirmed this.

Update: Okay I looked around and found that Macleans has published this information too. Apparently, the guy behind this is Ron Banerjee. He is the head of the Canadian Hindu Advocacy but under cover he is a racist hater. This man walks his dog around mosques just because he has the freedom to do it. I mean, he has the full intention to harass people!

Personally, I don’t think he will be allowed to screen the movie, but let’s see what happens.

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