Sam Bacile: The Murder Who Was A Film Maker, Obama backing Out on Israel And Glorious Stephen Harper

Hello all.

I am tired of doing math homework and have decided to take a break.

There are truly a lot of crazy people in this world. One of them is Sam Bacile.

Now, there are hate crimes and then there are hate crimes.

You see, Sam Bacile committed a hate crime that resulted in murder.

Let’s discuss.

Sam Bacile created a movie called Innocence of Muslims. In this movie he decided to falsely portray Islam, he depicted the Prophet Mohammad in terrible ways and in general he made a comedy of the Prophets life.

Now, so far only a trailer has been released on Youtube, however just in the trailer, the content is very offensive.

The first problem is that their is not much information on this Sam Bacile. He claims to be an Israeli Jew and says that 100 Jewish donors got together and donated 5 million dollars to him. I could not find him on IMDB. It seems that 5 million is a bit too much for the quality of the movie….

Their is not a lot of information about this guy and I’m starting to have doubts about what is really going on…

Anyhow, if all of this is true then this is what I have got to say.

During the time of the crusades, historians used a man named Mathomos as the prophet for Muslims. Many believed that Mathomos was the prophet of Islam.

The various biographies of Mathomos tell roughly the same story. They usually begin with a heretic: an embittered, failed Christian leader who … exiled to the land of the Agarenes. … takes on a pupil [Mathomos]. He trains the boys in the ways of his faith — essentially a complete surrender to libidinous pleasures. According to twelfth-century writers, that was indeed the secret to Islam’s rapid expansion and popularity: free love. [Excerpt from Armies of heaven by Jay Rubenstein]

Mathomos married a rich widow to finance his religion. He was a horrible man. He died because he was run over by pigs and that was why apparently Muslims could not eat pork. Rubenstein goes onto say that this fake character of Mathomos was used to create a bad image of Islam.

This image of Islam was used to rile the Crusaders up so that they committed horrible crimes. Islam was made to look like an illegitimate religion to encourage Christians to fight against the “devils” religion.

Here we have the same thing, we have a man  propagating lies about Islam. I’m sure if it was lies about Christianity then this man would be in jail. Unfortunately, he has not been arrested. However, Islam has spread fast. It is still spreading, and a 3rd class movie is not going to do anything about that. All this movie is going to do is make this Jewish man look bad in the eyes of knowledgeable people.

This man, is also an apparent murderer.

In Libya, the U.S. consulate was attacked. Rockets were fired. Diplomats died. Western media claims that this attack took place by Al-Qaeda members because of the movie(Funny how the West is supporting Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria…). I am not sure if it actually did, some theorize that it may have been to mark the 9/11 “anniversary”. I don’t know, I mean their are a lot of people who hate America, it could have been one of them. If the diplomats died because of the movie then this man has caused murder! Not only has he committed a hate crime, he has also caused the murder of U.S. diplomats, this guy is a real security threat to the country of America.

Now in Egypt their were in fact protests specifically against said movie. The protesters did not attack the embassy, however they did take down the U.S. flag, burn it and replace it with a flag that said “There is no God but God and Mohammad is his messenger” in Arabic.

Almost every newspaper decided to take a shot here and call these guys Islamist hardliners, and extremists and such!

HELLO! These are the same guys who brought around the revolution in Egypt!

Islam is the majorities religion in Egypt, is every Muslim a “hardliner”?

Did anyone notice that America’s best Middle Eastern friend Saudi Arabia also has the same words on their flag!

I’m not to judge but I can say a lot about those Saudi Prince’s belief in God….

The Saudis are real extremists, but the U.S.A. is great friends with them…

Moving on, Obama is repeatedly backing out on Israel. Got an email from someone this morning asking about my thoughts on the canceled meeting with Netanyahu.

I said it in my last post, I don’t think anyone wants to get war crazy in face of the election.

AIPAC is certainly not going to vote for Obama after he backed out on that drill with Israel….

(AIPAC is the largest Zionist lobby group in America as far as I know)

Here is Obamas speech to AIPAC, every presidential candidate gives a speech to AIPAC to tell them what they will do for Israel. It’s like a kiss up session.

Moving on to Stephen Harper. Let me keep this short.

He is receiving the World Statesman of the Year award from the Appeal of Conscience Foundation.

It’s funny, you know why?

The founder of the foundation is a rabbi…

Yes I am saying it, Harper is getting the award for cutting ties of with Iran.

It’s funny because this morning when I read the news in the Toronto Star, it seemed to glorify Harper for receiving the award….

Now, it seems the Toronto Star agrees with me!

Let me know what you think, send me an email or leave me a comment.

Thanks : D


3 thoughts on “Sam Bacile: The Murder Who Was A Film Maker, Obama backing Out on Israel And Glorious Stephen Harper

  1. what this guy Sam Bacile is doing is completly wrong, and he should just shoot him self. but you have to understand that people will bring up arguments like these: “christians and Jews get bashed on every other day on familyguy or south park”

  2. Netanyahu and Adelson look like they’ve got something to do with violence erupting in 17 countries over this. They’re salivating at the promise of ginning up support to start a war. The use of Bacile’s horribly produced film show the desperate measures they’ll use to elect Romney, their puppet.

    • That seems to be true. Netanyahu seems to be siding with Romney and Romney took full advantage of the situation.
      On a side note, at times it has seemed as if the presidential candidates just try to please Israel.
      AIPAC is a perfect example of that. Romney and Obama went out of their way to please the Zionists -,-

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