Toronto Star: Just Pumpin Out Propaganda

SO, Canada severed diplomatic relations with Iran…big deal…

Anyhow, the Toronto Star decided to publish “6 reasons for Canada’s sudden decision to break ties” with Iran. Let’s take a look at those reasons and see if they really are true…

Before that, however, I found that a lot of people are debating a “7th” reason why Canada might have severed relations with Iran and that is because a war on Iran might begin soon.

To be honest, I don’t think a war on Iran is about to happen anytime soon. The U.S. elections are about to take place and the election hopefuls most definitely don’t want to justify another war and more debt…

Israel would really need America’s aid in any operation against Iran and currently Israel is also in turmoil. A while ago Israel estimated  that “only” 500 of their people would die if a war started. A lot of the people in Israel started holding protests at this figure. They said that they did not need another war and they have actually been holding vigils outside of government areas.

All in all, I do not think that any attack on Iran would take place at this time…

So, let us discuss the reasons that the Toronto Star came up with regarding the situation.

1. Iran violates the Vienna Convention by failing to protect diplomatic personnel.

I believe the Toronto Star is referring to the attack on the British Embassy in 2011. The attack was conducted by protesters, many of whom were arrested by the police and later on prosecuted. Now, let’s put this event into context. Iran is very famous for taking the U.S. embassy hostage. This act was not justified, however it was not supported by the government. A large crowd of protesters took the embassies staff hostage. What was really interesting was that a group of Iranian students took all the shredded paper from a paper shredder and began to put the shredded documents together. After a very long time, they managed to put the documents together and the people of Iran found out about all the illegal activities and meddling that the U.S. was doing in Iran.

My point here is, that the Iranian people don’t trust the U.S. I wouldn’t blame them for being skeptical of the U.K. The Iranian people should not be expected to be so welcoming to these Western powers, because history documents that the West is really good at wrecking countries. Iraq, is a great example, it was invaded by the British continuously in the 1900’s. Look at Iraq now, it is a devastated area.

As a matter of fact the British actually had a lot of interest in Iranian oil when the American installed dictatorship was in power. They tried really hard to get their hands on that oil. The Iranians obviously will not like British presence in Iran…

Anyhow, some may think that my argument is weak. Well, let’s not forget some other facts. Don’t forget how Canada failed to protect the Iranian embassy in 1992 when it was raided by MKO terrorists! Canada has failed to protect embassies before, the Turkish embassy was attacked in 1985, Canada failed to protect it!

This is not even a valid reason. It’s not like it was Canada’s embassy that was attacked…

2. Provides military assistance to Syria’s Assad regime

Am I the only one who heard about the French doctor from Doctors Without Borders who recently commented on his work in Syria. He said that more than 60% of the injured he treated in Syria were non Syrian… Hmmm, did anyone hear John McCain say that the FSA was full of Al-Qaeda rebels? For those of you who read The Economist, it is a well known fact that many of the “glorious rebels” in Syria are beginning to claim that they will not stop with the fall of Assad. They say that they will slaughter every last Assad supporter alive. That, my friends, is genocide.

Apart from the fact that I have demystified the “revolution” in Syria numerous times (and here) should the Assad regime not be supported when fighting against Al-Qaeda?

Moreover, why isn’t the U.S.A. supporting Assad in fighting these terrorists who are “responsible” for 9/11.

Hey, wait, why is the U.S. and other Western nations doing the exact opposite? Why are they in fact supporting these “glorious rebels”?

*Gasp…I’m serious… The Economist has said it, Britain has said it. The rebels are receiving tactical support, they are receiving weapons, Saudi Arabia is actually promoting “democracy” in Syria by supporting the rebels (so it claims). I have detailed all of this in the posts linked above.

3. Voices hateful rhetoric

(Did anyone notice that they chose such a weird picture of President Ahmadinejad…trying to make him look bad -.-)

So, Israel threatening Iran with war everyday is not hateful?

This is a statement from the Toronto Star regarding this point,

“….(Iran) engages in racist anti-Semitic rhetoric and incitement to genocide”

Woah, I guess everyone seems to forget the genocide that Israel carries out everyday.

And what anti-Semitic rhetoric? Their is a large number of Jews that live in Iran (and they are offered a lot of money from Israel to move away…).

I guess in this case anti-Semitic means “of or relating to criticism of Israel”.

Everyone is an anti-Semite if they say anything bad about Israel.

4. Shelters and materially supports terrorist groups, including Hezbollah

Another point that I have discussed before.

This is called a double standard. Let’s first discuss the MKO. The MKO is not a terrorist group according to the West. The MKO a terrorist group in Iran is actually funded by the U.S. Canada’s definition of terrorist is most likely “anyone working against the interests of the West”.

The Hezbollah are infamous for their victory against Israel in 2006. No wonder they’re a “terrorist group”.

5. Fails to comply with nuclear program resolutions

Oh please. It has been reported numerous times that their is no evidence of Iran developing nukes. Their is no hard evidence. I believe that the image at the top clarifies this matter enough. Let’s not forget about Israel. They have not even joined the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. Just recently when numerous Arab nations criticized Israel for this, the Israeli’s got angry and said that we need to “focus on Iran”.

Here is a link that discusses Iran’s “nukes” in detail.

6. Ignores human rights

If the Toronto Star is talking about the death penalty, well, the U.S. also supports the death penalty. Also, China is the country with the most executions ever held, so the death penalty is irrelevant.

I think the Toronto Star must have been talking about Israel. Israeli forces ran a bulldozer over American journalist Rachel Corrie, and they are infamous for killing babies and kids.


So, all in all, it is evident that all six reasons published by the Toronto Star were just baseless accusations.

To be honest, Canada obviously severed relations with Iran because our new foreign minister, Benjamin Netanyahu decided it was about time. : P

He Thinks He’s A Winner


One thought on “Toronto Star: Just Pumpin Out Propaganda

  1. your voice is soo strong A.A, man you are an incredible writter!
    i just didnt get the second point. (might just be my ignorence on the syrien revolution)
    but ya standing ovation,
    ps forget doctor become a journalist goddamit!

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