Systematic Destruction of Religion in the West

Hello everyone. I’m sorry that I have not been posting as much recently, school has started and it looks like I will be having a very exciting and busy semester.

So today, I wanted to kind of continue with the theme that I have been having in the last few posts.

So in one of my posts I discussed peace. I covered how peace is seemingly non-existent in today’s world. Something that I mentioned and found interesting was that Prophet Mohammad introduced peace and civility to a barbaric society in Arabia.

Now, in another post, I discussed Justice. Justice is very important because if there is no Justice then there will be no peace. I discussed how Justice is a value that we cannot have enough of as opposed to a value such as freedom. Through Prophet Mohammad’s actions we see that he also spread justice. He stopped girls from being buried alive, he spread the message that men and women are equal. The Prophet solved issues in a just manner and treated the Jewish tribes in Medina very justly as well.

Obviously justice is important. But what is Justice? If a man kills another man then how should justice be done? If a thief steals from a shop then how is justice served? Should the thief be jailed? Should he be executed? Who determines what Justice really is? Like I have mentioned numerous times before, all problems lie in the definition. My definition of Justice may be that a murderer must be tortured, someone else’s definition may be that a murderer be sentenced to life long volunteer service. Those are two very different ideas/definitions of Justice. And so, the question arises that, who are we to decide what to do with another human being’s life?

Now this is a very popular argument. I am not trying to enter into the debate of whether or not the death penalty is right. I am trying to bring home another point. You see, peace cannot be established without justice. From the Prophet’s example, historical fact dictates that Prophet Mohammad did indeed spread justice. Now, Prophet Mohammad preached Islam. He preached an Abrahamic religion. The Prophet represented Islam’s beliefs and values through his actions. His actions represented the words of God.

So , it makes sense if God has the ultimate authority on deciding what is and is not justice. It makes sense that God should decide what justice is. Why? Because God is all knowing, he created us, he knows us. Another human cannot decide the fate of another man, a higher power must do that and that higher power is God.

Religion, should play a big part in dealing justice. The Bible, Torah and Quran are the word of God. So it makes sense that if society were religious than their would be more justice.

However, society has split with religion. As far as I can see, their is a divide growing larger and larger in between God and Society. More and more people are starting to lose belief in God. Truthfully, society has become too busy for religion! Here in the West, we have been offered the world so that we may become distracted from religion. Take celebrities for example. There is an unhealthy amount of people who are so interested in the lives of these famous celebrities that they waste every minute of their lives finding out about them. They follow them on twitter, facebook and other social media websites. The youth are distracted by video games, always too busy to take a look at what is happening in the world. Men have their own distractions as do Women.

Every type of hobby is available to take away the time a person could spend with God. No one has time for church on Sunday. No one has the time to pray 5 times a day! People don’t realize that God does not need us.

We need God!

Woah. Why do we need God? Well look at it this way. A very famous argument concerning the existence of God and his justice is why God lets humans in Africa starve. Or why God lets babies in Palestine be killed. God is not killing those babies. Humans are! God has given us our values. He has told us what is right and what is wrong. There is no Abrahamic religion that allows the killing of children. It is not God who is starving the children in Africa or Gaza! Does North America not consume the most resources in the world? Is Israel not imposing a siege upon Gaza? We need God and what he has taught us!

God will not strike lightning bolts upon the “bad” people! This is a very old mentality that can be traced back to the Jewish people. In the time of Moses and after him, the Jews were infamous for expecting to win every war because God was on their side. They expected God to fight for them. They did not feel the need to prove their faith!

Obviously, if we held dear the values that the Abrahamic religions preached, the world would be a better place. However, faith in God is becoming more and more scarce. The West is the perfect breeding ground for faithless people. Here is a place where every value preached by the Abrahamic religions has been removed. Like, I said in my post about justice, everything that was prohibited by the Abrahmic religions has been offered on a silver platter here. Love, adultery, drugs, anything you want! The Abrahmic religions tell us to get married, to devote ourselves to one spouse and here we have a society that believes that marriage is too expensive. Or, some people are just not ready to make such a commitment. There is no lack of excuses.

I think it is very obvious that Western society basically preaches the opposite of any Abrahamic religion. But one may ask, what are the benefits of believing?

Their are no material benefits of believing in God. I’m sorry, God is not going to bless you with a better income. It is obvious that you do not have to be religious to be rich. All those celebrities are rich and “successful” , yet they break every rule that God has imposed upon us! Believing in God really makes you a better person. Honestly, something that I have noticed is that believing in God delivers peace of mind. I have had the pleasure of meeting some people who do truly fear God and those people were at peace. They were satisfied with themselves and their lives. Belief in God is the ultimate achievement. How many of us really believe in God? Can we call ourselves believers when we break so many of God’s rules? True belief and fear of God is something everyone should strive for, yet unfortunately Western society does the opposite.

To conclude I would like to summarize the main idea. Their is no peace without justice. Justice, however, is best defined by religion. But, Western society is becoming more and more distanced from religion! And so we see, that the further we become distanced from religion, the worse the world becomes. Israel is a perfect example. Last time I checked, Judaism did not allow for the collective siege of innocent civilians…

Anyway, I am really sleepy right now. I will be trying to post more often, although I have quite a busy schedule. If there is something that I left unclear or you disagree with me, feel free to email me. My email address is in the sidebar to the right.


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