Western Values

If you read my last post I discussed an interesting quote from a book by Zafar Bangash called Power Manifestations of the Sirah.

I focused on the absence of justice in the world. I discussed the corruption of international organizations.

Well let me discuss Justice in more detail. In the sidebar to the right, I had written that Justice is the one value that you can never have enough of. That is very true. In fact, I learned this when I went to a conference earlier this summer, and one of the speakers their discussed this very subject.

So, the fact of the matter is that many of the values that Western countries stand for are false. Let me expand.

Let us take Canada for example. Canada is a free country. We have freedom over here. We have the freedom of speech. We have freedom of press. We have freedom to protest. Let us focus on just this value of freedom. Do we have the freedom to cross the road on a red light? Do we have the freedom to take whatever we want from a store? No, we do not have these freedoms, neither should we have these freedoms! Freedom is not something that a person can have too much of. Giving too much freedom to anyone will spoil them! In terms of Western freedom, we see that the West has given us each freedom that the Abrahamic religions have forbidden. As someone once told me, the only freedoms received over here were drinking, gambling, homosexuality and so on. Adultery, is prohibited by the Abrahamic religions, yet it is something that is encouraged so openly by “modern” society!

Moving on, our freedom of speech and protest is not much. Take the Al-Quds protest. We had the right to speech and protest, but the “free” press took every opportunity to spread lies and propaganda about the protest! They tried to discourage us from the right to free speech and protest. Speaking of the “free” press, I wonder how free the press really is. The “free” press does not report on the genocide in Myanmar or Bahrain. It seems to me that the “free” press is a fraud.

Now, this topic brings to mind another lesson from The Power Manifestations of the Sirah. Zafar Bangash discusses how the very fundamental values that Western Nations stand for are frauds. The U.S. talked about liberty and equality. Where was the liberty and equality of the natives? Where was the liberty and equality of the black people? Why, in Canada was there a court case to determine if Women were actually persons? The same democratic values that Canada stands for now, could never have been used to create Canada. If Canada had been a democratic country from the start it would never have existed, as the natives would have kicked the Europeans out.

It seems to me that the value of democracy in Canada is weak. Why? Because, Canada along with many other countries has a simple backdoor concerning their policy of democracy. This backdoor is called the Emergency Act. If the Emergency Act is implemented every right a person has is taken away. You cease to have no legal rights, nothing. You become powerless at the hands of the military. This act has been implemented before in Quebec and still, people talk about how hundreds of people were arrested without any evidence of their crimes!

Justice is not like freedom. Unlike freedom, you can never have enough justice. Justice is something that the world badly needs! Justice cannot be limited. Freedom must be limited, yet if Justice is limited then their will be injustice. Why don’t countries stand for Justice?  Countries do not stand for this because they simply cannot! They cannot possibly call for and stand for justice when their own country was established through injustice!

And so, to conclude I have got to say that I feel that all these values that the Western countries stand for seem false. They claim to stand for freedom but they do not define what freedom is. IN fact a very important lesson that I was taught by someone was that the problem with everything is in the definition. For example, everyone talks about terrorists but what is a terrorist? Is it a Muslim? Is it someone who you don’t like? Is it someone who is against you? The definition of these words that are used everday by the media have become blurry! What really is freedom? That is my question, if you have an answer, send me an email.

In a future post, I will discuss the various “freedoms” that Western society has granted us and how those “freedoms” have destroyed the concept of religion.

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