Peace: An Ongoing Struggle

Well, my ebook reader is not working.

Therefore, I have not been able to continue reading The Great War for Civilization by Robert Fisk.

However, I did have another book, it is by Zafar Bangash and it is called Power Manifestations of the Sirah.

Now, this is an Islamic book and it discusses the life of the Prophet. Specifically, it covers the Prophet’s different treaties and different contributing factors as to how he had such influence over Arabian society. This book is simply amazing. It is a true wonder how the Prophet was able to spread Islam. Contrary to other beliefs, Islam was not spread by the sword! In fact, it was spread through the the Prophet’s character as well as his different tactics. This book not only describes how the Prophet went about creating civilized society in the Arabian Peninsula. It also compares the society that the Prophet organized to modern society today.

Now, I will discuss the content of the book in a later post. However, I did want to quote some very interesting words that I happened upon while reading.

“Peace is a byproduct not of the absence of conflict, but of the presence of justice.”

These simple words define all of the problems we as human beings face today. Every struggle for peace is defined by these words. These words actually reflect the corruption of the world’s international organizations.

For example, let us take the controversial conflict of the Israeli Apartheid. This regime has repeatedly committed inhumane crimes against civilians. All arguments aside, the fact of the matter is that children have been murdered. Rachel Corrie has witnessed to that, various NGO’s have witnessed to that. People have been deprived of basic human necessities. The siege on Gaza is no myth, we have seen flotillas carrying aid to Gaza assaulted in international waters before. It is a fact that the people of Gaza are being deprived of their human rights. Regardless of any argument, Israel has committed intolerable crimes.

The U.N. defines the rights of a human, however it is evident that the U.N. does not stand for them! Israel became a country in 1948, as Zafar Bangash states, it was a very unique country as it is the only country that has no set borders. Anyway, this country started a conflict. The Zionists of Israel systematically murdered innocent Palestinians to take Palestine. This conflict has been going on for decades, but it was never solved. The Palestinians were never returned their rights.

Well, that is because their is no real justice. Israeli courts are obviously not just. They support the murder of Palestinians, in fact they did not even convict the murderer of Rachel Corrie!However, the international courts; the international organization by the name of the U.N. is not just either. If it was, then the conflict would have been solved long ago. We have seen again and again that the U.S. has fully supported and backed the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Countries like the U.K., Canada and the U.S. have donated money to the “holocaust” survivors. Every year, they shovel over money to Israel.

They don’t care to send aid for the people of Palestine who are going through their own holocaust!

If countries like the U.S. have veto power in the security council. How can we expect justice? Our expectation are not of justice anymore. We have seen the genocide in Myanmar and countless genocides before, that went unmentioned. We have seen countless agreements against Israel vetoed by the U.S. There is not justice in that!

And so, the words of Zafar Bangash are true. As long as we have these international organizations that are not living up to their potential, these organizations that are silent against oppression, we will never have peace.


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