Hypocrisy At It’s Best: Israel

Well folks, may I present to you the most hypocritical illegal state in existence…Israel.

The blood of the Zionist Regime is boiling…”why” you may ask, well it seems the Arab nations are criticizing Israels vast nuclear arsenal.

In articles found both here and here, Israel has indicated that it is not time to worry about Israel’s nuclear arms, everyone should worry about Iran’s “pursuit” of nuclear arms.

Now, the myth that Iran is in pursuit of nuclear weapons has been demystified many times. It has become evident that their is no clear evidence regarding such claims, in fact here is an interesting link that explains the whole affair.

Now let us turn to Israel. Unlike Iran, it is no myth that Israel has nuclear arms. Israel, chooses not to take an official stance on the matter and has been criticized by many to join the nuclear proliferation treaty. The Arab countries are actually under pressure from Western nations to stop criticizing Israel so that the Middle East can become a more “peaceful” place. Israel has said that it would not even talk about it’s own nuclear arms until the Middle East becomes more stable.

Well, let me say it now….

The Middle East will never be stable as long as the illegal Zionist entity of Israel is in existence

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