Rachel Corrie: An Inspiration

Throughout the struggle for a free and peaceful Palestine, the struggle to stop the oppression of the Zionists, many have died. We have suffered many causalities. We will never forget the flotilla to Gaza, the flotilla that was attacked by Israeli forces in international waters! Also, we will never forget Rachel Corrie.

Rachel Corrie fought for peace, she fought to stop the killing of innocent children in Palestine. However, it seems that Israel does not respect human rights activists.

In 2003, Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old U.S. citizen, was run over by a bulldozer. She was in front of a house that was about to be torn down by the bulldozer. It was a doctor’s house, he had a wife and kids. She stood in front of the bulldozer, on the rubble, the driver could see her but he did not stop. He rolled her over. Her friends ran over screaming and shouting at the bulldozer to stop, but instead it began to reverse and damaged the body even more! She was cruelly killed, without a second thought!

Just days before, Rachel Corrie had given an interview to some news channels. She had discussed the killing of Palestinian children. She had discussed the terrible deeds of the Israeli forces. She was murdered two days after.

We had expected nothing more. We have seen the brutality of Israeli forces towards activists before. These barbarians who murder women and children. Who fearlessly protect Israel from unarmed civilians. Who pout and cry if a rocket strikes their illegal state. It is not a big deal for these savages to trample a human rights activist. Plus, anyone trying to stop the bulldozing of a house, or trying to save a Palestinian family must be an Anti-Semite.

As I have emphasized before, anyone who does not agree with Israels terror is an Anti-Semite. Anyone who holds contempt for the nation of Israel is a Jew hater. In fact, Stephen Harper has been trying to pass a bill so that no one can say anything bad about Israel!

Anyway, what makes Rachel Corrie’s story even worse is that her case was not given a fair trial. Her parents went to the Israeli courts to fight. And, just recently, Israel has issued a verdict saying that the driver of the bulldozer was innocent (detailed information here and here). And honestly, what did we expect? The Palestinians have never received justice through the Israeli courts. What is a human rights activist to them?

But, we will not forget, we will remember. And one day, Palestine will be free, rid of the oppression of the Zionist Regime. And then we will know that Rachel Corrie’s life had not been lost in vain. Until then, we will keep fighting!

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