Myanmar: Dont Mention It

Well, I know I haven’t been posting much lately, however I’ve been very busy.

School is starting and I had to take care of some matters -.-

Anyways, check out this bbc article. It made me very angry.

BBC decides to cover a cabinet change but fails to mention the ongoing genocide in Myanmar!

Now, it has become obvious that the media is censored. I’m serious. Conspiracy theories aside, someone explain to me how not one news outlet in the whole of Canada, not one major worldwide news outlet covers this genocide. And it was obvious before, none of us saw Bahrain being covered. No one cares to mention the aftermath of Libya. No one wants to bring up Palestine, because regardless of everyone claiming that the Palestinians are all suicide bombers, there are a lot of innocents dying in Palestine. (It doesn’t help that Gaza is under siege….)

Anyways, one interesting thing to note from that article was that 25% of the MP’s in the cabinet are from the army. That makes perfect sense because we see that the army is so heavily involved in killing the innocents in Myanmar.

Anyhow, I went to a protest for Myanmar, we only had a handful of people, but I will write about it later.

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