Pro-Israel Rally at Al-Quds?

To be honest, I don’t really know what was going on with the anti-protest staged at the Al-Quds protest today.

It was really weird, I have some really disturbing photos of them.

The Toronto SUN as well as other media gave the Al-Quds protesters a really bad reputation…maybe they didn’t see the “pro-Zionists”…

So, there were some really weird people who were “pro-Zionists”. One guy stood by the protesters as they began to rally and shouted that Prophet Mohammad was a pedophile. That was really disturbing, I was changing my batteries and didn’t get a chance to catch him on film but I am told that the police dealt with him.

There was one guy with a hate message. He was calling us terrorists…the police didn’t do anything about him, but I caught his poster with my camera : ) Hopefully we can get something done about him!

You can see his sign “Terrorists Go Home”, I’m pretty sure that the government wouldn’t allow terrorists to demonstrate at Queens Park, the provincial legislature. Too bad he’s not wearing a Jewish Defence League shirt! (They told us that they would film our “violent” behaviour and report it to police)

There was one woman who apparently believed that we should go all the way to Israel in order to protest for Al-Quds.

God, I have no idea what she was trying to accomplish. Does she not know that Iran is also quite far away as well…she’s holding an Iran umbrella, standing next to her friends who are protesting for “freedom” in Iran, but she tells us to go to Israel? You have got to have a really minimal understanding of what a protest is to actually hold a sign up like that. It really made me laugh to see that sign!

As you can see, most protesters were not even protesting against Al-Quds! In fact, it seemed to me as if the majority wanted to bring the Iranian government down..???

There were a couple of people protesting against the death penalty in Iran.

I guess no one told him that the U.S. still holds executions and that China probably has execution numbers in the thousands!

This guy wanted no Islamic republic of Iran, along with a woman who wanted the Iranian Embassy to be shutdown….

I have absolutely no idea why those guys were “counter” protesting against us. To be honest there were very few of them, so we couldn’t hear them over our loud speakers : D

Another guy was harassing women. There were quite a few Muslim women at the protest, they were wearing Hijab and this guy was standing right next to the police as he shouted at the Women. He shouted things like “Take that off I want to see if you at least look okay” and “What are you hiding under your Hijab”. I didn’t see the police do anything about it as he repeatedly shouted such things at women who were passing by!

*TO be honest, if the Al-Quds protesters had done anything like what I am listing here, every media outlet would have made a big deal about it. But the pro-Israelis don’t get any bad media coverage >.<

I also heard of a guy who jumped over the barrier, stole a flag from the Al-Quds protesters and ran away. The police caught him, took the flag back and told the guy to go away…imagine if an Al-Quds protester did that

SO as you can see, we were up against some really weird people. I mean, here we are protesting against Palestine and some anti-Iran protesters decide to confront us. The pro-Israel protesters of which there was only a handful decided to steal flags, call Prophet Mohammad a paedophile…and harass women. Great! Well, our part of the protest was very peaceful as it always has been, those guys on the other hand were promoting hate speech about Islam…

Let’s hope that the media does something about it.


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