Terrorists, terrorists, terrorists!

Like I said, I am reading the book, “The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East” by Robert Fisk and so far it has been an interesting read. I am on page 104, my Kobo says I’m only 7% through(the book is 1456 pages long!).

However it is very interesting!

So far the book has mainly focused on Afghanistan, it has briefly discussed the first war on Afghanistan, (in which the British got wrecked), the Second war and is zooming in on the Russian Invasion of Afghanistan.

What makes the book so interesting is that the author actually met Osama Bin Laden several times. He recounts what Osama Bin Laden said and it was very interesting to read that!

So, I read an interesting quote. Not about Osama Bin Laden, but something that applies to us today.

Terrorists, terrorists, terrorists. In the Middle East, in the entire Muslim world, this word would become a plague, a meaningless  punctuation mark in all our lives, a full stop erected to finish all discussion of injustice, constructed as a wall by Russians, Americans, Israelis, British, Pakistanis, Saudis, Turks, to shut us up. Who would ever say a word in favour of terrorists? What cause could justify terror? So our enemies are always “terrorists.”

Aside from the fact that my English teacher would murder me for writing such a long sentence…

Those words are very important! They are true. Hamas is deemed a Terrorist organization. Approach someone and try to explain to them that Hamas is actually the legally elected government of Palestine and you will be met with wide eyes as well as suspicious looks.

Now, once the Free Syrian Army is deemed to be a group of “freedom fighters”, just like Ronald Reagan called the Afghan Guerillas “freedom fighters” even though those Afghan Guerillas burned the bodies of the headmaster and headmistress of a school for teaching boys and girls in the same classroom, then it becomes very hard to explain to anyone that the FSA along with other “freedom fighters” in Syria are not as angelic as they are made out to be!

The author uses a very good example to back his claim up about how the word terrorist is abused

In the seventeenth century, governments used “heretic” in much the same way, to end all dialogue, to prescribe obedience.

Right, so that brings to mind the Church. The Church that did hunt down and kill heretics! The Church that killed innocent people in the name of God, The Church that was pretty much just a large Terrorist organization (*Shh, don’t say that, only Muslims can be terrorists!!!)

Many like to claim that Islam was spread by the sword (that’s a topic for another time), but here we have the Church with a different approach, “Our religion doesn’t look like it’s going to spread any faster, so let’s just kill the competition!”

Now, many have complained to me that I blatantly hate on Christians. No! I bear no grudge against them. Just like I bear no grudge against Jewish people or Muslim people. Zionists and Jews are two separate entities. The same applies to Christians and the Church, the same applies to Muslims and Saudi Arabia.

I am just putting the blame where it belongs : )

I am not going to say that the actions of Saudi Arabia, although a Muslim country, represents Muslims across the world. I am not going to say that the Church, although it is a Christian religious organization, represents Christianity. Obviously, Christianity preaches peace and the Church at that time did anything but reach out for peace.

So, I just wanted to share that interesting excerpt. I thought it was very interesting and the book is proving to be very interesting as well! The post brought to mind an interesting topic, whether Islam was spread by the sword or not (To be honest it’s not a black and white matter) but I will post on that after I post on False Flag Attacks… *I promise.


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