I’m sure the title is misleading.

I know spinach has nothing to do with world events.

But today’s topic is very important.

Today, I accidentally ate Spinach…
You see, me and spinach, we don’t exactly see eye to eye. It is the one food that I cannot eat. So… I was at a dinner party and I was hungry. I went to go grab some food and there were quite a few dishes out. One dish caught my eye. I thought it was something else. It was a liquidy blackish green substance. Dont tell anyone that I said this but it actually looked kind of good so I scooped up lots into my plate….

I couldn’t tell it was spinach. I sat down, crossed my legs looked at it, trying to figure out what this food could be.

You see I hadn’t eaten spinach for a very long time. SO I could not even begin to think that someone would actually serve spinach at a dinner party! Plus, I had never seen liquidy spinach!

I took one bite and it was…. not good. That was when I realized it was spinach and my eyes started watering -.-

You see, usually I will eat anything. But, I don’t eat spinach. I just cannot eat spinach. I will eat anything except for spinach!

It was terrible. There I was, sitting at a dinner party with a plateful of the food that I could absolutely not handle. I felt sick! There was no way I could eat it and yet I had to! I am not a person who wastes food.

SO…I ate all of it. It was the worst experience ever. But, just to be optimistic, I have to say that I learned a lesson…

Always sample the food before you fill your whole plate with it!

I’m sorry but this was the only thing on my mind today. I had to let this one out! Hopefully tomorrow I will write a post to shed some light on a heavily debated subject : D

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