Rwanda : (

Too bad that’s not true anymore…

I received a few emails asking me about my reference to Rwanda in a previous post.

Let me clarify.

Hotel Rwanda is a movie on the genocide in Rwanda.

What happened was that a certain group of people called the Hutus slaughtered another group of people called the Tutsis.

In the movie, a hotel manager who is a Hutu provides shelter for Tutsis. His hotel is one of the finest, a lot of foreign tourists and such stay at the hotel. As the genocide continues, their are graphic pictures of dead bodies laying amassed in peoples front yards and people being slaughtered left and right! The hotel manager depends on the U.N. to come and help him defend his hotel and the innocent Tutsis that he is guarding against the blood lusting Hutus.

The U.N. arrives.

But not to save the Tutsis, they evacuate all the foreign visitors and roll out.

They deemed the situation too dangerous…

That is my point. Oh sure… the U.N. came back in the end but it was far too late. Hundreds of thousands of innocents had already been killed.

Need I explain how we are seeing the exact same situation in Myanmar…?

To be honest, I could not bring myself to watch the movie after the U.N. left. It was so sad, that halfway through I just decided I could not watch it : (

Please help the picture come true… raise awareness about Myanmar!!!

Link to a charity helping the people of Myanmar in the sidebar —->>>


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