There Is Hope For Myanmar Yet!!!

I was very pleased to find out about this… there is a charity that is moving into Myanmar soon, to help the people over there.

Amazingly, it is a Muslim NGO, it is nice to see that an Islamic Organization is taking steps to help the Muslims in Myanmar.

The U.N. as you may know has deemed the situation in Myanmar too dangerous for action… well we weren’t expecting anything more.. Hotel Rwanda anyone…

So, I did my research, this particular charity is quite reliable. They have worked in Palestine, different African countries, Niger for example. For those who may be concerned, I found out that 96% of your donation goes to help the plight and the rest of the 4% help cover administrative fees, fundraising costs, leaflets etc. Compared to other charities that it pretty good! Surprisingly I found, that Canada had previously given the charity three million dollars to help people in Sudan (I think, it might be a different country). That is pretty amazing, it seems very trustworthy.

The charity is Islamic Relief, more information is available at their website. I think that they will be going into Myanmar through Thailand, Bangladesh has banned anyone from helping the refugees!

I met an official who worked for Islamic Relief, he was a great guy. I think it is an awesome way to help people in Myanmar, I will also leave a link to their site in the sidebar.

I hope you contribute to the charity, I will for sure!

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