News Coverage: Myanmar

Like I have mentioned before there is very little coverage of the situation in Myanmar.

BBC has been mentioning it sometime, I am going to take the time to highlight some of the shortcomings of BBC while covering this matter.

First of all, BBC seems very flip floppy on the matter. That’s not a good word, but what I mean is they are not particular about what happens. They say that the people in Myanmar are being killed. Then they spend two paragraphs discussing how the government says that everything is OK. Indirectly, it seems as if the writer is agreeing with what the government says.The article sort of implies that it is no big deal…

More over, I think a lot of effort is being done to cover up the genocide. It seems that the BBC tries to evade discussion of sectarian violence. They try to make it seem like a small conflict. No one wants to mention that Buddhists are explicitly targeting Muslims, or that the government shot down the ships of some refugees! If that was hinted at, people would recognize this as a genocide…

In previous posts, I have discussed the situation in Myanmar a lot. I will keep on doing so, it is my duty to do so because not a lot of people are doing anything for the country. I talked about an NGO that is moving into Myanmar to help the people there, check it out in my previous blog post.

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