Al-Quds Day Approaches: Problems Arise

For those of us who may not be familiar with the concept of Al-Quds day it is a day to stand up to all oppression in the world, specifically the oppression against the Palestinian people.

As many know, Israel is in violation of the Oslo Agreement as they have military presence in West Bank. The Israelis continuously build settlements and expand into Palestinian territory. They take Palestinian land and claim it to be their right!

Al-Quds day is the day when we get together to let the world know that we condemn the oppression of the Palestinian people as well as any other oppression occurring across the world!

Unfortunately, this Al-Quds day, there was some trouble getting a permit to protest. It seems that the Al-Quds protest is viewed as a racist protest, an anti Semite protest. I don’t understand, correct me if I am wrong, but the Oslo agreement was agreed to by Israel and they did not meet the terms of the agreement. If a group of people protest at Israel’s failure to meet certain terms is that racist? It seems the Zionists are very sensitive, so much as questioning Israel can lead to you being thought as an Anti Semite!

Well, a counter protest has been organized by the Zionist lobby here in Canada. I cannot understand any valid reason why they would come to protest. We are only going to protest against Israel not meeting the terms prescribed by the Oslo Agreement. Are they protesting to say that the Oslo Agreement does not apply to Israel any more? Maybe they have decided that since they had to go through the Holocaust, they are entitled to having the whole Middle East as part of Israel. (You never know…)

Anyway, I hope to see everyone at the protest, information is available in the flyer above. Last time there was a fairly large gathering and I hope to see one even larger this time. There are protests occurring all over the world, like I have said in a previous post, protesting against injustice is our duty and if we don’t stand up for others now, no one is going to stand up for us if we are treated unjustly! To find out more information about the Free Al-Quds movement, their demands or the oppression against Palestinians, check out their website.

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