Syria: Rebels Commiting Barbaric Acts

Earlier, I posted about a cool blog I found called, Friends of Syria. Unlike many conspiracy theorists, the blog presents factual information about the situation in Syria. Information that none of the media here in Canada bother to mention.

Especially with the Olympics going on, their is less and less mention of what is going on in the world!

One particular fact that I notice, especially after going through Friends of Syria was that Russia and China do not support the “U.N’s” ideas. I had noticed this before, but that blog confirmed my fears that the resolutions trying to be passed so aggressively by the West are not peaceful solutions at all. Russia has been saying again and again that the West is just destabilizing Syria.

And that is a problem. Like I have stated before, the “heroic” rebels, who are “gloriously” fighting to “liberate” Syria are no angels. In fact they are just the opposite.

There have been reports, reports, more reports and even more reports of the atrocities that the rebels are committing in Syria. Not enough? This article discusses the weak evidence that the West is providing us when blaming everything on the Syrian government.

Now, I know I have talked a lot about Syria and ranted on and on about the situation. But this is different. You see, the West never had any intention of a “peoples revolution” in Syria. Like I stated in my last article, rebels from Libya were flown over to Syria to help with the effort, terrorists are part of the effort.

It is evident that the rebels must be committing some sort of barbaric acts, unless terrorists have become civil human beings…

But what is important to realize is that the West does not care about Syria. They always wanted to instigate a civil war. I cannot stress this enough!

In my last post I linked to a video.

If you are going to click on any link from my blog, please click on that video. It is the most informative and shortest video about Syria… not a conspiracy theory… real facts by real journalists who have been to Syria. If you do not want to watch the whole video then just skip to 8:45 and watch the interesting footage.

Is that a government sniper standing on top of the building and killing people? I do not think so! The video obviously proves otherwise!

Some may disagree with me. Some may say that the West and the U.N. want what is good for the Syrian people.

Then explain to me why their are sanctions imposed on the Syrian people? Why were the people in Homs begging for oil and the Western media made it seem as if they were the people who started the revolution. The people needed oil to heat their homes during the winter…they could not get it because of NATO imposed sanctions! (Video: 10:20)

The situation in Syria is devastating. Civilians are being killed, and the government is not killing them. I was really happy to find Friends of Syria, it is a great blog and I really hope it can help make a difference by raising awareness of what is really going on in Syria. It hurts my heart to hear about what is going on in Syria, if you feel my pain, spread the message about Syria!

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