The Arab Spring Has Been Hijacked! Taliban Terrorists Take The Reins!!!

The Arab Spring has been hijacked… (Warning: Wall of Text Ahead)

No, not the “Latin Spring”, remember those revolutions in the Middle East, before everyone started talking about Syria? Yes, Libya, Bahrain, Egypt… people seem to have forgotten about those now…

Well, I did not forget and some horrible things are happening in the Middle East! It has been a long time that anyone has mentioned Bahrain. Last mention I heard of it on the news was that Saudi Arabia might form a union with Bahrain. Well, while the media has been purposely focusing on the situation in Syria, so that no one finds out about the aftermath, Bahrain has been going down the drain.

Bahrain has turned into a slaughter house. The media made it seem like Bahrain was a Shia, Sunni conflict. Bahrain wasn’t a big deal, just some religious extremists battling it out. Well, let me tell you what Bahrain really is. Bahrain is a battleground. It is a field of war, one side fighting for freedom, fighting for their dead, fighting for the unjustly killed. Another fighting to suppress even the thought of liberty. On one side, we have the people. People who have had their children kidnapped, mothers who have had their sons murdered, fathers who have buried their daughters!  On the other side, we have the brutal Saudi and Bahraini police. We have the extremist Wahhabis, cold blooded killers, who believe killing the innocent will bless them. The Bahraini police ranks are filled with non-natives. The police have been hired from Pakistan and other countries. Those police are no regular police either, some of them are mercenaries, others are part of terrorist organizations in Pakistan, such as the Sipph-e-Sahabia.

The Bahraini people are being suppressed. The Saudi and Bahraini regime are trying to stomp their feet down on the people. The media is helping them. Rarely ever does the media mention the situation in Bahrain.

Everyone is too distracted, the situation in Syria is too important

Is it really? Let me confirm something, Syria is going down. It was decided a long time ago, even before U.S. troops were flown in to do their business (Watch this video as well). The rebels are going to win the “war” and the rebels are no angels. Most newspapers imply that Assad is responsible for every death, every massacre. There are a few minor papers that have the nerve to claim that Assad was responsible for everything! But any major paper has the dignity to only suggest the lie…

That is because Assad was not responsible for the massacres!(<-A small video made by authentic journalists)

The Economist goes out of its way to imply that it was Assad who caused all the trouble, but it never directly accuses him of doing so! Assad is not all he is made out to be. Another important fact is that the FSA, Free Syrian Army, which is the rebel faction, is made up of terrorists. Rebels from Libya were flown into Syria to help with the rebellion. The Economist openly claims that terrorists such as members of Al-Qaeda have been encouraged to join the rebellion. And, these terrorists are being supplied with weapons as well as aid! Again, The Economist claims that they have been helped in organizing strategy as well!

The West Does Not Care If Syria Is Absolutely Levelled

There are massive stores of chemical weapons in Syria. Weapons that can knock out massive portions of the civilian population. Everyone made it seem as if Assad would use them, but he promised not to. The rebels will not show so much constraint. Terrorists that are already killing people have a chance to get their hands on weapons that can devastate whole civilian populations…but it does not matter to the U.S.

SO what if the Taliban get their hands on chemical weapons??? It does not really matter, because the Taliban are actually just slaughtering people in Pakistan. It’s not a problem for the U.S., in fact the U.S. helps the Taliban out with its frequent drone attacks in Pakistan. Drone attacks that are supposed to kill Taliban officials but end up “accidentally” killing civilians (very frequently).

It goes to show that the West will get what it wants. They are becoming notorious for their habit of destroying cities and funding terrorists. The same guys who gave Saddam his weapons, went into Iraq and devastated the country to rid Saddam of his “WMDs”. The same people who supplied the Taliban with weapons went to war with them and now they are supplying the Taliban and a multitude of other terrorists with weapons again!

Libya is another story altogether. NATO has honourably helped the people out by destroying city infrastructure(They managed to miss the oil companies and their equipment). The Arab spring was hijacked long ago. The West is pursuing greater aims than a revolution in Syria. They have far greater aspirations. We can only guess at what they are…

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