Genocide In Myanmar: *Shhh

Well, after devouring this weeks issue of The Economist, I’ve got to say

I’m Disappointed : (

I don’t know what I was expecting. I thought that maybe there would be some mention of the situation in Myanmar? I thought there might be a hint at the massive genocide being carried out by the government of Myanmar. But there was nothing. Instead, the usually interesting political magazine delivered a special report on internal Jewish politics in Israel. The magazine discussed the weather in India, it discussed a potential invasion of invasive species in the great lakes…

In Grade 10 Civics class, we discussed human rights, we discussed the role of the U.N. in helping out with situations where human rights laws were broken. Well, we have all seen what the U.N. can do. We have seen it do nothing over the years as the civilians have been killed and murdered in Palestine. We all know that the U.N. is just good for picking up the pieces in the end, as they did in Rwanda.

But, the least they can do is raise awareness about the issue!

The U.N. has done nothing except for issue a small statement condemning what is going on in Myanmar. That is, they issued said statement long after Iran had issued multitudes of statements condemning not only the genocide occurring, but the West’s silence on the matter as well.

The U.N. was formed after the holocaust, specifically because the genocide, the systematic murder of millions of Jews was intolerable. But, it seems the U.N. has come to a point where it cannot even spread the word about the genocide occurring in Myanmar, much less actually do something about it!

I for one, am tired of this. I am surprised that a protest has not been arranged yet in Toronto to protest against the genocide. Hopefully, soon we will arrange such a protest. Please try and spread the word about this matter, the more people that know, the better chance we have of doing something about it!

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