Saudi Arabia…Buying Nukes!!??

The Saudis are going to buy nukes from Pakistan. They were hinting at it before but now it is confirmed.

I don’t see any screaming or yelling… everyone makes a big fuss about Iran and nuclear weapons… but no one cares to fuss over Saudi Arabia obtaining nuclear weapons?

Moreover, lets talk about Israel. The country is not part of the NPT. Rarely ever, is there pressure put upon Israel to join the NPT. They have an arsenal of nuclear weapons and no one has ever inspected their facilities, no one has any clue as to how powerful Israel’s nuclear capabilities are!

Some claim the Israel’s weapons can reach the East Coast of the US!!!

Saudi Arabia can have nukes to defend itself against Israel and Iran however, Iran cannot even mention the word nuclear without having more sanctions imposed upon the country! In fact, it is evident that Iran is not even building nuclear weapons! Their is absolutely no evidence to point to the fact that they may be building any weapons at all!

And then we have the mighty U.S. building bunker busters, claiming to have them ready to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, even though Iran is not even building nukes!

The first and foremost issue is that of Israel. I don’t think it is right for the International community to put so many sanctions on Iran, but not apply enough pressure to Israel to sign the NPT. The International community is obviously very hypocritical, and it is evident that just because Iran is the only country that does not meet the “western” ideal. Just because Iran is a country that stands out when compared to the capitalist West, the West that gets Whatever It Wants, Iran will have to be pressured. The West will have to go out of its way, to bend Iran into submission and to make an example out of Iran, showing everyone what will happen if they step out of line.

There was a time when Iran was the Lion of the Dessert. They were the U.S.’s bad boys. Before the revolution, Iran was the country favoured by the U.S., now the tables have changed. Since the revolution Iran has developed much more than it ever could if it had still been under the Shah’s regime. This country has shown self sufficiency in many areas and has indeed advanced very far. Now as we see, Saudi Arabia is the bad boy, they are the new “lion”.

(Although, Saudi Arabia’s reputation as the lion has been diminished after Sheikh Nimr’s amazing speech)

It is evident that if anything were to happen in terms of a war, Saudi Arabia would have a role in it. Being the U.S.’s pets they also want to get their hands on the nukes. In fact, I don’t think anyone cares about the NPT. Especially the U.S. I think everyone’s hoping that someone’s going to follow the NPT, throw away all their nukes and that will leave one less Nuclear Superpower in the world.

I could write a a few more pages on this subject. It is really annoying to see the height of hypocrisy of the Western Nations. But… Mr. Beans just showed up in the middle of the Olympic Ceremony 0.o

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