God Bless America And It’s Bombs…

I found a really nice poem in an email, it’s called “God Bless America and It’s Bombs” by William Blum.

It can be found right here on William Blum’s website.

I thought it was awesome, so I’m going to post it here as well : )

When they bombed Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, El Salvador and Nicaragua I said nothing because I wasn’t a communist.

When they bombed China, Guatemala, Indonesia, Cuba, and the Congo I said nothing because I didn’t know about it.

When they bombed Lebanon and Grenada I said nothing because I didn’t understand it.

When they bombed Panama I said nothing because I wasn’t a drug dealer.

When they bombed Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen I said nothing because I wasn’t a terrorist.

When they bombed Yugoslavia and Libya for “humanitarian” reasons I said nothing because it sounded so honorable.

Then they bombed my house and there was no one left to speak out for me. But it didn’t really matter. I was dead.

I think this poem highlights some very important points and that it is also kind of like a wakeup call.

  • First of all, it brings to light many events that a lot of us have overlooked or forgotten. Everyone seems to forget what happened in Lebanon, or what is happening in Palestine. Libya is off of everybody’s minds! The poem suggests that no one seems to question the governments decisions. It is very true that the “mission” to Libya was made to sound like an honourable and heroic effort. I was watching the news and I will not forget how the reporters were making a big deal out of the fact that Canada was sending a few jets to help out with the “effort”. It turned out that certain parts of Libya were levelled by bombs. City infrastructure was destroyed and the democratic principles that Canada and the U.S. preach so often were not at all applied when Gaddafi was killed! (Remember how NATO flew in those rebels for the assassination? No trial? )
  • But something very important that this poem also brings to mind is the fact that, people only stand up for what concerns them! A lot of people in Saudi Arabia are dying and so you can expect to see, that mostly Saudi’s are going to show up at a protest against the Saudi regime. Those guys were never there when we were protesting for Palestine. They were never there when we protested for Iraq. I hope, but doubt to see them there when we protest for anything apart from Saudi Arabia.

People Are Selfish

I know that. Of course people are selfish, but it really bothers me! Where is there sense of justice? How can a person ask justice for only the people of his country? When Iraq and Afghanistan were bombed, all the Iraqis and Afghans came out to raise their voices against oppression but it is sad to know that they didn’t think it was important enough to raise their voices for Libya!


  • But this poem also makes me very happy because I can say that I was one of those people who did say something. I understood the situation, I was not a terrorist and I saw through the “honorific” effort. I did and am trying my best to stand up for justice. And I hope you can say that too : ) But, if you cant, then I hope you will stand up, you will raise your voice, you will do your part in whatever way you can because…

Staying quiet is just as bad as supporting the oppression!

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