Police Brutality: Anaheim, Toronto… Everywhere!!!

So, I was just reading this article on the police brutality going on in Anaheim.

A boy by the name of Manuel Diaz was supposedly unfairly murdered by police. The police are using rubber bullets and dogs on protesters (and then the U.S. government criticizes other governments when they use rubber bullets on protesters).
Now I haven’t looked into the matter too much, but I would not be surprised if it were true that Manuel Diaz was killed unlawfully.

Frankly, the West is beginning to show double standards in regards to its policy of free speech and the right to protest!

The Problem: Police is out of control!

The story of Manuel Diaz and his alleged murder all brought to mind a sad event that I read about a while ago.

What happened was that the police went up to the door of an ex-marine, suspected of having drugs at his house, and without announcing their presence or who they were; the police just blew the door off its hinges! They then proceeded to all gather up in the doorway and just let loose a stream of bullets. After that, they called in robots and threw them in the house to check if the marine was actually dead. When they were satisfied, they went into the house and found a wife, two kids and no drugs : (

So, it just goes to show that the police are really going too far, and it doesn’t help that they have advanced military equipment that they don’t even know how to use!

In Anaheim the police are letting dogs loose on women and children who are protesting! And they try to stop people from taking pictures by shining flashlights at their cameras. At the G20 protests in Toronto, police were at their best. They intimidated protesters, they threatened to arrest a girl for blowing bubbles ( no seriously, search up officer bubbles on youtube!), they charged protesters with their almighty shields in hand!

They acted so professionally, but they managed to leave two police cars in the middle of a square, with no police around it?

Of course, we cannot forget what happened to Jean Charles de Menezes, a 27 year old electrician, shot to death by British police. The police reported him as wearing a jacket with wires attached to it, they “thought” he was a terrorist armed with a bomb and so they followed him into the subway. They “said” he ran into the subway, jumped over the barriers and got into a train. The police followed him into the train, tackled him and shot him dead.

Now I am no expert but even I know their are a few rules for going up against a terrorist with a bomb…

1. You never get close to the guy… he can set the bomb off!

2. You do not tackle the guy… he will set the bomb off!!

3. You do not shoot him!!!…YOU will set the bomb off!!!

It later turned out that Menezes was totally innocent, he was not wearing a jacket with wires sticking out, he did not “run through the subway station” and he most certainly was not going to bomb the train.

So it all goes to show that police are going too far and that governments are letting them get away with it. In fact, the police are intimidating us out of our right to protest!

At least in Saudi Arabia they beat Women lightly and they agree that since you cannot beat animals in the face you cannot beat women in the face either.

But in Anaheim they’re setting dogs loose on women and children!!!

I have not seen much coverage of the police brutality on the news (as expected), I hope, however, that more and more people will become aware of it! I really hope that those in Anaheim will not lose their courage to stand up against injustice and protest!

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