Myanmar or Burma? : Fake Pictures Exposed!!!

So, it has been a day since I made that post on the Genocide occurring in Myanmar.

I was really confused about why the country had “two” names, some people refer to it as Burma, some as Myanmar.

Well, apparently Burma was a colonialist name. (Yes, you guessed it… the British had something to do with Burma!). However the name was officially changed to Myanmar. The U.N. acknowledged this change, but the U.S. and U.K. did not (they always find stupid excuses).

The U.S. and U.K. believed that the “democratic” party in “Burma” wanted the country called Burma so they would not accept the name Myanmar.

Another piece of information I found out about the situation was that there are a lot of fake images floating around! There are pictures of streets full of dead men, claiming that the pictures were taken in Myanmar, but I have found out otherwise…

The Problem:

What is up with the U.S., it seems that if anything does not meet their expectations then they do not accept it!

Example: Hamas is the legally elected government of Palestine. The U.S. decided that they would like to list Hamas as a terrorist group and so they do not deal with Hamas at all!
That is crazy! It’s like deciding that if Mitt Romney wins the presidential election, Canada will not accept his government as the government of the U.S.! The U.S. thinks that it is so high and mighty that it can just decided what is right and what is wrong. To elaborate, the U.S. deems Hamas as a terrorist group because Palestinians don’t have the right to defend themselves and retaliate against invaders in their land . However, the U.S. decides that Mojahideen-e-Khalq (a terrorist group in Iran) is not actually a terrorist group.

SO it seems that the U.S. uses the word terrorist to serve their interests.

* Muslim behind shooting at Colorado theatre -> Fox News: Muslimisssst Islamistist Jihadistststst Terroristtris suicide bombs a movie theatre!

***I’m not even exaggerating. . .***

*Shooting at movie theatre -> Fox News: A devastating shooting at a Colorado movie theatre : (

Not to get sidetracked, but my above point illustrates that the U.S. has its own definitions of these words. The U.S. doesn’t like Iran and so will not condemn a terrorist group operating there (and may even provide support and backing to the said terrorist group. . . .), but the legally elected government of a country is deemed a terrorist group just because they stand up to people bombing and invading their land?

Someone explain to me what dictionary the U.S. uses…the Merrian-Webster dictionary definition of Terrorist does not seem to match up with that of the U.S.

Now I got totally sidetracked from the original matter but in conclusion it makes absolutely no sense for the U.S. to decide not to accept a country’s name just because a specific democratic party in the said country doesn’t like the name change(*rambles on and on and on).

Now moving on to the matter of fake pictures… this site explains it all…

This makes me sad. It makes me very sad. I understand that this matter is very important. I understand that people are frustrated: A genocide is going on and no one is mentioning it, naturally people will become frustrated!

BUT that does not in any way mean that you should sink to the same low-level of BBC and use misleading pictures of past events to raise awareness!

I remember when BBC published a picture of a room that was full of dead bodies and portrayed it as the aftermath of a massacre in Syria. Luckily, they were caught and of course they apologized for their dreadful “mistake” later on. But it makes me sad to see other people sink to the same low-level!

To conclude; I must say that it is very frustrating to see the Western media be so stubborn so as not to cover the genocide in Myanmar. However, it is just as sad to see people publishing fake images for the sake of “raising awareness”.

Note: (A lot of people mention that the Western media is all owned by one group that calls the shots. Conspiracy theory or not, it really seems to be true when you see such a large event go unmentioned in the news for day upon day!!!)

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