Protest in Toronto for Sheikh Nimr

So, after quite a long time, there was finally a protest arranged in Toronto.

It took place at 3:00 in front of the U.S. embassy(The Saudi Embassy is in Ottawa, but we will go their soon) and we gathered to raise our voices against the Saudi Regime, specifically how they arrested Sheikh Nimr. There weren’t as many people as I would have liked to see, only about 100, but it was better than anything : )

So in regards to Sheikh Nimr, it is a very sad story. He is a Muslim cleric and was quite a brave figure. Unfortunately, he was arrested by Saudi Police, and since then he has repeatedly been beat and assaulted by the Police. His brother was allowed to visit him at the hospital and found that Sheikh Nimr’s face was full of bruises. The Sheikh is old and was in horrible condition.

But, the Saudi police were not satisfied with beating the Sheikh, they also murdered a boy at the age of 18, who was protesting the Sheikh’s arrest! Large protests have been occurring in Saudi Arabia, especially¬† after the arrest of the Sheikh.

Actually, the Sheikh was arrested after making an amazing speech!

In this particular speech Sheikh Nimr raised a really good point by telling the people not to be afraid of cursing dead prince Nayeff. Prince Nayeff was responsible for causing the deaths of many, and Sheikh Nimr really belittles Nayeff in this video : D

I hope to God that the Sheikh will be released, he is a very energetic figure and it is sad to see people get throttled by the Saudi Regime for raising their voices!

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