Genocide in Myanmar!

There is genocide occurring in Myanmar, otherwise known as Burma!

Genocide: The deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of a particular ethnic group or nation. (Google)

Many people have been killed in Myanmar within the last month. Buddhist extremists are slaughtering the population. In fact, the Buddhist extremists are killing off the small percentage of Muslims living in Myanmar. Of course, I have not seen this reported at all by any Western media outlets and it is a serious situation!

The Problem:

First of all, I have to express my sorrow to the Muslim people. In the 1940’s before the Holocaust, Jewish people were the “scapegoats” of society. No one liked them. They seemed to be very oppressed. I remember reading that even Canada refused to accept a boatload of Jewish refugees near the beginning of the Holocaust. But in this day and age; Muslims have seriously become the most persecuted people on this Earth in my eyes.
The Zionist Jews don’t make it any better by starving so many Muslims in that concentration camp called “The Gaza Strip” (Story for another time)
No matter what the Western media says, continually calling any terrorist an Islamist or Jihadist. (Like what is a Jihadist??? Jihad is holy war, and it has two variants. The minor variant is very well known thanks to the Western media: War, combat etc. The Superior variant is: fighting ones own desires <– Funny, the media never mentions that :p) Frankly, I’m surprised that the media doesn’t add Mohammad into the name of every recognized terrorist, because it seems to me that everyone looks at people named Mohammad as if they are born terrorists.
On a side note, it is also amusing that the media does not call something like the Colarado shooting a terrorist attack! Is that not an act of terror?
So anyway, even though it seems to me that the media portrays Muslim as the definition of terrorist, I just cannot get over the fact that Muslims are being murdered all over the world. In Pakistan, Muslims are being killed by American Drones and by the Taliban (as well as other extremist groups, in fact some groups eg. Siphe Sahabia, hunt down Muslims and believe it is good to kill them). In Palestine Muslims are dying, in Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, lots of Muslims in Africa (dying through all the internal conflict over their), Iraq. So many Muslims are dying all over the Middle East and other parts of the world.
It just does not seem right, Muslims are most popular for being terrorists but they are the most killed people as well!
So it is really sad to see yet again, more Muslims being killed in Myanmar. One very devastating thing about the situation in Myanmar is that Bangladesh would not let fleeing Muslims enter its borders although Bangladesh has (finally) opened its borders to fleeing Muslims, those Muslims never make it! Some stories report that there are Burmese helicopters hovering by the river, so that Muslims trying to escape in boats are killed if they attempt to escape!
The Western Media will not mention the situation! They are too busy with their interests in Syria to inform people about Myanmar!!!
Above all, in Canada Buddhism is looked up at as one of the most peaceful religions. It’s all about Karma, and do good to get good etc. SO no one will listen to a word if you try to tell them that Buddhists are causing a genocide!!!
I hope someone will pay heed to these words, there is not much word being passed around about Myanmar. I have to admit that I heard word of what was going on but did not find out about the intensity of the situation until today!

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