Democracy and Saudi Arabia: Not A Good Mix

Well, we thought we’d never hear it…

The Saudis are calling for democracy *GASP… more over, they’re concerned over the “the savage and ugly massacres that the Syrian regime is practising against its own people with support and backing from known parties that are obstructing any honest effort to end the bloodshed of the Syrian people”.

Wow. That’s awkward

It seems that the Saudi Regime has never heard “Practice before you preach”.

You see, I now have a problem with Saudi Arabia. My problem with Saudi Arabia is not over Syria. My problem with Saudi Arabia is over their right to even be concerned about Syria. Syria is a whole different mater, people are being ruthlessly murdered. But Saudi Arabia has no right to talk about injustice, no right at all!

The Problem:

Those words…”savage and ugly massacres…backing from known parties”. Hey… that reminds me of… Saudi and Bahraini police beating and killing protesters! … flashback.. Sheikh Nemr-al-Nemr, he was brutalised and arrested just for raising his voice against the Saudis! Sorry, who mentioned the words savage and ugly?

Here, we have a regime, we have the Saudi Monarchy. A dictatorship! They censor media, the Internet. They executed a guy for “heretical” blog posts! They don’t let women drive.

AND this country is a desert paradise just because the U.S.A. is allied with them.

My problem is that the Eastern Provinces of Saudi Arabia are on fire. The people are raising their voices, they are protesting and they are being killed. My problem is that Saudi Arabia rolled into Bahrain to help massacre innocent people. There are sad and frightening videos on Youtube concerning the brutality of the Saudi regime! (like here)

The Saudi Regime is killing innocent people. I just saw a very sad video of children being chased down in Bahrain by security forces and then being beat. Some of those children were abducted and have been missing for some time.

My problem is that while the Saudi regime is busy killing and beating women, men and children: Saudi men can sit on talk shows and discuss rulings on how to beat women… “beat them, but don’t leave any marks“.

So can someone object to me asking: why and how is this regime condemning massacres in Syria? Why is this regime talking about  backing from know parties when they themselves are backing murder in Bahrain? How dare this country talk about savage and ugly massacres when they themselves are savages who do not let women drive and prevent people from protesting.

This country is providing arms and medical supplies to Syrian rebels in order to bring “freedom” to Syria. Frankly, I do not understand what King Abdullah’s definition of freedom is?

I think, I have made my point. There are blood thirsty savages calling for freedom and supplying arms to Syrian rebels. Something is obviously wrong. Who knows what type of freedom they plan to introduce! Freedom where any company can plunder a country’s oil?

This post has become quite long, but there is one last question that arises in my mind….

Could it be that maybe the Saudi Regime is funding rebels that are savages just as bad as them? *Oh No!

2 thoughts on “Democracy and Saudi Arabia: Not A Good Mix

  1. Interesting post, yes it is very hypocritical of the US to be such close friends with Saudi Arabia even though that country has the total opposite values than those that the US claims to have

  2. Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. Lots of people will benefit from your writing. Cheers!

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